Moderator application

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Moderator application

Bericht  BattleShot op za sep 15, 2012 7:28 am

Moderator application Requirements

If you want to apply for an moderator, make sure you fulfill these requirements or your moderator application will be denied, and it will show us you have a lack of reading topics carefully. It is very important for potential admins to read messages carefully.

- You need to be active.
- Not abusing your powers ( IF your a moderator and have the option to do some commands )
- Be friendly to anyone
These are the requirements for now.

You have to make an Topic Named ''Moderator application''
InGame Name:
Facebook Account Link (to match you identity) :

Fullfill this and the FPS Staff is going to read your apply and maybe it will be accepted Or denied.
Greetings Admin BattleShot.


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